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My Story


Hi, I'm Annie and I am the owner of Annie's Grazing Boxes.


Many years ago I traded in my corporate career, suits and stilettos for an apron and a very busy Tea Room in the heart of England's beautiful Peak District, feeding each day the hundreds of visitors and appreciators of traditional Afternoon Teas from around the world, who walked in through the door.


How lucky I was to be located within one of the UK's most stunning Rhododendron Gardens, Lea Gardens. It satisfied all my loves - baking and creating in a beautiful spot with 360 degree views to die for and my love of nature, colour and flowers added to the mix.  I was in my element.


Here I am, some years later, in yet another beautiful part of the world, Mollymook, on the South Coast of New South Wales, still enjoying those same loves and creating Grazing Boxes and Platters that are not only full of colour with carefully chosen flavours to compliment each other, but that are customised to use the freshest of local seasonal produce. My Grazing Boxes and Platters are loved and now my public Workshops and Demonstrations are fast becoming a hit for some creative fun - and who doesn't love to go home with a delicious edible creation, a goodie bag full of treats and having acquired some new skills in readiness to impress your guests! 

I am a one-man band, with much appreciated assistance hauled in during the peak season of Summer and on the busy delivery days to get my Boxes and Platters to where they need to be, but it will be myself you will speak to from first contact, all communication in between (you might note my tapped emails in the small wee hours of the night while I respond to your emails and messages). And every single Grazing Box and Platter is created by myself. Only once I am happy with it will I tie the final knot in the ribbon, often minutes before it heads out the door.    


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