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Helping you create something special in your own kitchen and wherever you are located, with step-by-step instructions, suggested flexible ingredients lists, styling hints and tips and for your Platters I have included templates for you to use too.

Think of my Guides as personal one-on-one Workshops with me (and of course you can always message me with any questions or assistance you may need!)
You will find the link to my Guides at the bottom of the page.

Perfect for those who would love to learn how I create my Platters and Charcuterie Cups, with some of the tools and tricks I use, styling ideas and simple instructions to build your Platter or make your Cups in your own kitchen. 

I am all for using 'what you already have", so my Guides are full of ideas, from ingredients to dragging out and dusting off your favourite Platter Board, Grandma's China Serving Plate or that wonderful piece of slate you have sitting in the cupboard. The same goes for Charcuterie Cups - why not use those Mason Jars you have in a box in the Garage, or your favourite Martini or Coupe Glasses? You really can go to town with a bit of imagination.

So, with you and what you may have at home in mind, I have created easy to follow Guides for my most sought-after Platters for you to be able to make in your own kitchen; a "Classic Grazing Platter", a "Vegan & Gluten-Free Platter" and my latest "Charcuterie Cups" that are each perfect for those Gatherings, both informal and formal.

I literally walk you through each step, just as I would for those attending my Workshops, which make my Guides perfect for those who are too far away to attend; (and for those with friends and family who love to play in the kitchen, it makes for great hands on kitchen fun together or even a unique gift too!)


There are Shopping/Ingredients lists to help that you can use, leaving room to combine or swap around with some of your favourite ingredients, items you may already have in your pantry (or for those with dietary restrictions). Follow my guides and I can assure you, the result will be a masterpiece to share!

My 5-Step, fail-proof system that you can use over and over to create any platter, guarantees a fabulous result, whether it is to wow your guests at a special occasion, or to enjoy a relaxed lunch or evening at home with family and friends.

All my downloadable printable Guides (and my new Greeting Card too) are simple pdf and jpg files that will be sent directly to your email address for you to open immediately on your laptop or pc and print at home.

How do you get hold of one of my Digital Guides/Downloads? I have made it very simple for you - Just click on the link and voila, you are all set to start creating.

Let me know how you get on!

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